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Lesson: Lesson #12Lesson0000092

{{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000101 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Score0000101

  • Aim to produce a sound that is:
    • Lively
    • Bright
    • Animated
    • Energetic
    • On fire
    • Like a carnival carousel
  • The tempo you choose should be fast, but does not have to be blazing fast. The horses on the carousel are more like ponies, rather than Kentucky Derby contenders.
  • The challenge found throughout the piece is to immediately transition from staccatissimo to legato. Eg Bars 2, 4, 7. Try this: Cut off the staccatissimo with a tiny delay/gap before the legato. Make the gap barely noticeable, but with it still being there. This will greatly assist in the sudden transformation from one extreme to another.
  • Use the full dynamic range, which adds energy to the fire.
  • A prime spot to use dynamics is found in the phrase that starts in the anacrusis (The where? The bar before Bar 1; the bar that I know you've been calling Bar 0.) The phrase repeats itself in Bar 4. Play the first phrase within the p range, and the second within mF. Voilà, you've just created energy. Go tell Einstein it is possible.
  • Phrase all lines. Never let them be flat.
  • In the Fun Section (Bars 16-32), make it more explosive. Keep your Left Hand straight and strong. Play with conviction. The Right Hand should obviously still overpower the LH.
  • Bar 18. On the B, touch the pedal to hold the note. Your RH will have to cross over your LH to reach the lower FG. Without the pedal, the B is shortchanged.
  • Bar 20. Same idea to pedal on the A. The reach up to the high B is difficult to do, and we don't want to shorten the A.
  • Pedal the quarter beats, if you want. It is not absolutely necessary, but it helps to maintain the energy.
  • Within the ending section, the pedal is necessary on the f and ff chords. Don't just press the pedal, stomp on it. No holding back. (I'm not afraid of you breaking it... it's not my piano.)

{{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000023 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Score0000023

  • Watch the notes, with the naturals and sharps floating around.
  • The Right Hand should project a big fat buttery sound. To help produce this, think of your hand as having big fat fingers. Or even big fat buttery fingers. Then after playing with this image, please use your imagination to clean your piano keys.
  • The Left Hand supports the RH, but can make or break the entire piece. With the Left Hand:
    • Play it like a wave, evenly but free and moving. Not too evenly, as this makes it monotonous. And not pokey, as this is not pleasant.
    • Accent the lowest note to bring it out. This note is usually on beat 1, but also occasionally appears on other beats.
    • As the passage swells up, crescendo. Support the RH, but be careful not to overpower it.
    • Add life to the notes. Make them interesting.
    • Try playing with an open hand, low to the keys. This can help with the wave-like motion.
  • Watch the fingering in both hands, especially on Page 3 and Page 4.

{{#vardefine:parm1| Next lesson }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Next Lesson

  • {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000023 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000023.
  • {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000098 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000098.

{{#vardefine:parm1| Still hanging around, to bite you when you least expect it }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Still Hanging Around, To Bite You When You Least Expect It

  • {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000005 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000005. Part II, #12. In all likelihood, it is not to be. You can probably safely continue to use your Czerny merely as a folder to hold your other loose pages.

{{#vardefine:parm1| Calendar }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Calendar Just a few lessons remaining...

  • May 13: Lesson 13
  • May 20: Victoria Day holiday
  • May 27: Lesson 14

{{#vardefine:parm1| Possible summer/future material }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Possible Summer/Future Material

  • One pagers that are easy-breezy for summer enjoyment.
  • Chopin Funeral March. Opus 35, Sonata No. 2 in B-flat Minor.

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