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Lesson: Lesson #8Lesson0000088

{{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000028 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Score0000028

  • The notes are easy, the timing is simple. So be exact.
    • With the dotted quarter notes, hold for their full value.
    • With the 8th following the dotted quarter, play as an 8th.
    • With the half notes, hold fully. No rushing, especially when three half notes are together.
  • The dotted quarter notes resolve to the half notes. Eg bars 5, 8.
  • With the Right Hand, play the upper note a little more than the paired note. Make it chime a bit more.
  • Bar 25. Marked as p, but four bars later is pp. Save room to differentiate the two.
  • Bars 37 onwards. The melody is in the middle notes. The what? The Left Hand half notes with their stems up. Hold these, make them louder, etc.

{{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000100 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Score0000100

  • Don't let the runs run away from you.
    • Evenness is critical.
    • All notes must be heard.
    • Be clean and tight to the leading other-hand note. Not rushed, and not delayed.
    • Make them interesting, not just as boring scales. Cresc. Accent the first note. Phrase them. Make the runs special in their own way. It is all in the mentality, the approach you take.
  • Dynamics are important. More spirit. More intensity.
  • Accent the accented notes.
  • Jump on the sF notes. You can add some pedal here quickly to further enhance the sF-ness. Be sure to release quickly. Eg Bars 9, 11.
  • Start dolce, but still have a feeling of charging forward.

{{#vardefine:parm1| Next lesson }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Next Lesson

  • {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000005 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000005. Part II, #12. Maybe someday after you've stopped practicing it, you will be put on the spot to play. We always need a Czerny hanging over us.
  • {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000098 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000098. Only the first 2 pages of the manifesto. (I know, this is not really a unibomber manifesto; but for 6 pages it does go on and on and on like one.)
  • {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000083 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000083. Op 64, Number 2 in the PDF, only the Piu Lento page.
  • {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000100 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000100. Only pages 8 and 9 again; no more and no less. ie Op 55 No 3, the Allegro con spirito section.

{{#vardefine:parm1| Still hanging around. maybe, but most likely maybe not }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Still Hanging Around. Maybe, But Most Likely Maybe Not

  • {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000082 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000082.

{{#vardefine:parm1| If you want to have some fun }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}If You Want To Have Some Fun

  • Do you find Czerny too melodic? And Hanon too easy? Then try {{#vardefine:parm1| Score0000018 }}{{#vardefine:parm2| inline }}Score0000018. Erno outshines everyone.

{{#vardefine:parm1| Calendar }}{{#vardefine:parm2| title }}Calendar As of now, we're looking at something like:

  • April 15: Lesson 9
  • April 22: Lesson 10
  • April 29: Lesson 11
  • May 6: Lesson 12
  • May 13: Lesson 13
  • May 20: Victoria Day, which I believe is a holiday. I could be mistaken.
  • May 27: Lesson 14

Or, given the scheduling we've seen, we are looking at pushing lessons out again, because of:

  • April 15: National Rubber Eraser Day
  • April 22: National Jelly Bean Day
  • April 29: Zipper Day

And don't forget about whole month-long events:

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