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Let's assume you are a neighbourhood piano teacher, with 10 students. Your students all know you as Mrs. Simpson.

School Setup

Click Schools, and then the Create A New School button.

  • School Title: Mrs. Simpson
  • School Moniker: Simpson

Save it. Now on the page displaying your School, click the Set As My Default button.
If you did the above default School setting, then when you click My Courses, your School and your Courses will appear. Try it.

Course Setup

Go back to your School, if you are not already there. (Either click My Courses, or Schools, and find your newly created school.) Now click the Add A New Course button.

  • Course Title: Billy (or Susie or Steven, or ...)
  • Course Start Date: whatever you want, typically sometime in Sept

Save it.
If you teach (or are a student) of only one course, you can set this Course as your default, by clicking the Set As My Default button.

Lessons Setup

There really isn't any setup to do. Every lesson, simply click My Courses, and select the appropriate student (eg Billy). Then click the Add A New Lesson button.

  • Lesson Title: Weekly