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Welcome to MusicProf - An Instrument For Music Notes

Our Vision

      Where music instruction, technique and performing knowledge is easily shared amongst instructors and students.

Our Mission

      To provide an instrument whereby music instructors can interact with students, and students can share with others.

Our Goals

      To host notes for music classes, enabling teachers and students to interact.
      To be the main directory for music instructors and students to connect.
      To be the central library of commentary on music repertoire.

Main Sections         Material is up-to-date for 2022.August.16

      Help - Need guidance on what to do? Help is only a click away.
      Repertoire - The collection of musical scores which have performance reviews.
      Lessons - Instructional notes from various classes.
      Instructors - Directory of music instructors and their contact information.

Be bold - please become involved, and add either repertoire or your class notes to the appropriate sections. Others will appreciate your opinions. Instructors are encouraged to advertise their specialties and other details of their business.

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