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This document can be found by clicking Help in the left-side navigation bar. Welcome to MusicProf.

So what should you do now?


If you haven't done so already, register. It is free. It is easy to do. This step is mainly to protect the site from vandalism, to help prevent malicious people from posting spam-like comments. How do you register?

  • Near the top right corner, click on the Create Account link.
  • Follow the instructions, and you will be done in a few seconds.

Personal Profile Setup

To enhance your experience, you may want to configure some defaults.

  • On the left-side navigation bar, click My Profile to access the page.
  • Set up what you want to. You can always return to this profile setup at a later time.

Schools / Courses / Lessons

Someone else in your class may have already set up these items for you. But if not, don't worry as it is quick and easy.

  • Starting with Schools, check if your school is defined. If not, on the Schools page is a "Create New School" button. Click this and follow the instructions.
  • Now check Courses, to see if your course is defined. If you don't see it, on the same Courses page is a "Create New Course" button.
  • Last step is to check Lessons. Again, on the Lessons page is a "Create New Lesson" button if you need it.
  • On the School and Course pages are the buttons "Set As Default". You should click these, as it enables the "My Courses" and "My Lessons" functionality.

Done! That's it for your setup. See below for naming guidelines.

Naming Schools

When setting up a school, there are basically two scenarios:

  1. The school is a recognised institution. For example, it is a conservatory which holds classes for students. In this case, the name of the school should be straightforward.
  2. The school is for a Private Instructor, who is running their own (possibly home-based) business. In this situation, the school name can be:
    • the Instructor's name (eg Mrs. Simpson)
    • the local neighbourhood name
    • anything your students will recognize

    The intent is to have a name which your students (both existing and new) will remember. It does not have to be a legally recognised name.

Naming Courses

When setting up a course, there are typically two scenarios:

  1. The course is for many students (ie a class) within a school. In this case, the name of the class should be the name the students all know. Eg. Advanced Piano Performance. The session term (eg 2011/09) can be added to the name, to separate classes from year to year.
  2. The course is a set of private lessons for an individual. In this situation, the course name can be the student's name. Or, it can be set to anything the instructor and student both recognise.

Naming Lessons

Lessons are typically held on a regular schedule, such as weekly. The name can be whatever works for the situation, such as:

  • Week #1
  • Week 1 - Focus on Double-Thirds
  • Focus on Sonatas
  • Weekly (ie just use the same name all the time)

In all listings, the lesson date is shown, so it is not necessary to include it in the title.